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You're not alone

There is strength in numbers

Join the fight against online violence. 

Report your experience with online violence. Your anonymous data will be aggregated and used to mobilize pressure on social media platforms and to advocate for new policies and legislation. 

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Unregulated and toxic online environment is crushing women’s ability to engage in important conversations and be heard. 

Why should I download VIRO?

Your experience is unique

You want your online abuse experience to be reflected in policy development. 

More reports  = better data

You understand when more people share their experiences the realities of online violence are accurately reflected.

You want to hold SM companies accountable

You're done with the trolls and want to hold social media companies accountable. 

Your privacy is important to us. In consulting with numerous women who've experienced online abuse, we've made sure that VIRO is designed to give all users complete anonymity and privacy. 

From the moment you download VIRO to the submission of your report, you can feel confident that your privacy and anonymity will be protected.  

Learn more about what we're doing to ensure your anonymity and privacy 

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