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You’re not alone... and there is strength in numbers.


Read on to learn how you can use your experiences of online abuse to be part of the solution. 

How We’re Working to Combat #ToxicHush 


Online hate – especially against women and gender-diverse people with intersectional identities – threatens the equity, diversity and inclusion gains we’ve made.   

This action kit was created as a part of Informed Opinions’ Toxic Hush campaign, an urgent response to the silencing of voices that are already chronically under-represented in public conversations.

In developing the resource, we sought advice from experts from historically-excluded communities on how to support more people from their communities to be heard. This kit aims to help those who’ve been attacked online. 

But it can’t be up to individuals to address this problem. So the action kit is only the first element in our broader Toxic Hush campaign. We are also building an app to gather evidence from those who’ve experienced online abuse about the impact that it’s had on them. 

To date, no one is documenting the real-life human impact of technology-facilitated gender-based violence and harassment. Our app will allow users to record the impact of online abuse and help us present anonymized and aggregated results to government policy-makers and the platforms themselves. 

Join the #ToxicHush movement today. Sign up to get notified when the app is launched so you can be part of the solution to online hate.


About Informed Opinions

Informed Opinions has been working to improve the portrayal and representation of women and gender-diverse people in the media for more than 40 years.

In the last decade, we have:

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Informed Opinions would like to acknowledge Women and Gender Equality Canada for its capacity building funds that were used to support the Toxic Hush Action Kit project

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